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"Book on Tape : Duct Tape" (mini/modified)

This is a modified version of the original interactive peice. While you can still get an idea of how the project worked, you lose much of the interactive experience. Originaly the images you see above were displayed with a projection system on a large serface. Instead of a mouse to control the progression, an actuall tape player was used as well as a modified table. The tape player was morphed into a basic button, in which a connection would be created and terminated as the user pressed the tape players control buttons ( much how the mouse works here, only you must hold the button down in order to maintane a "play" connection). A Table was modified to contain a potentiometer, which in tandum with a EZIO board was used to rotate the QTVR files inside of each photograph. As the table top was turned the QTVR would turn.

(original project was 640x480 and 54.3 mb)

"Book on Tape : Duct Tape"

all work © Eric J. Basti 2003
(Director, Photoshop, Apple Quicktime VR Cubic, music created in Reason 2)